Systems Analyst Salary

Systems Analyst SalaryThe systems analyst salary is very attractive because of the critical role that these individuals hold in business organizations. A systems analyst identifies business problems, conducts research, and suggests technical solutions to solve those issues. While many systems analysts have either engineering or business administration degrees, the Management Information Systems degree is one of the main degree programs which enable students to acquire the necessary skill set to become systems analysts.

Public and private colleges such as Carnegie Mellon University, University of Arizona, and the University of Texas at Austin are a few schools that rank high for their Management Information Systems degree programs. School ranking is based upon the quantity and quality of graduates completing these programs. A systems analyst often writes user and technical specifications, aids in the planning of a system’s architecture, and writes test plans and procedures for systems to be developed. They are called upon to report status to stakeholders of varying technical knowledge.

Systems Analyst Salary Details

The Systems Analyst Salary depends on education, experience, location, and performance. For example, systems analysts with master’s degrees and over ten years of experience will likely command a higher Systems Analyst salary than a person with a fresh undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems. Job location reflects the cost of living in certain areas and significantly affects the Systems Analyst salary. Jobs located in places such as parts of California, New York, and the nation’s capital traditionally are considered high cost of living areas. Rural areas and areas away from the coasts tend to be lower cost of living areas, and the average Systems Analyst salary in those areas reflect this. A systems analyst’s job performance is the ultimate factor affecting salary. No matter how good an analyst looks on paper, if they can not get the job done in a real life setting, their salary and job existence will be negatively affected. Without considering location and past job performance, the mid range starting Systems Analyst Salary is $77,080/year.